Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Freebie - Game Night Printables

Happy Friday! Yesterday I shared a list of fun ideas for family engagement events, one of those ideas was to host a family board game night.  Today's freebie is full of printables that are designed for hosting a game night - these would make your job so easy! Go download your set and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Unique ideas for family events

Do you ever get tired of the same old literacy nights and holiday parties? Here are some fun, different ideas that your families will want to participate in:

  • Invite families to help with a community service project
  • Take a large group family field trip
  • Host a glow in the dark game night
  • Plan an outdoor movie night for the warmer months
  • Invite a local zoo or nature center to do a presentation
  • Have a mommy and me spa day
  • Plan a teddy bear picnic
  • Set up a coffee bar and encourage parents to spend time with their children before heading to work
  • Host a board game night
  • Put together a recipe club and encourage parents to bring new dinner recipes to a potluck every couple of months
  • Invite a cookware consultant (Pampered Chef, etc.) to do a freezer meal presentation
  • Partner with local small businesses to host a holiday shopping fair
  • Plan a family pajama party
  • Start a mini library and encourage families to donate books they no longer read, everyone can benefit from the opportunity to discover new favorites
I hope that my daughter's teachers see this post - I would love to participate in a few of these! Do any of them stand out to you?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Today your child said...

Those four little words can strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere, and they will quickly find themselves wondering what direction this conversation is going to go.  I loved to share things that children said during the day, and I've certainly heard hilarious quotes from tiny little mouths, but I've also heard children say things that are incredibly insightful.

When I share these quotes with parents they are always so happy to have that little window into their child's day, and it does wonders to build relationships with those parents.  They appreciate that I am paying enough attention to their child to remember what he or she said, and it helps them feel closer to their child, even though they can't be with them all day.

I created this set of adorable seasonal note cards as an easy way to let parents know what their children are thinking about, and to brighten parents' day.  You can get your copy here!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Freebie - Valentine Family Activity

Happy Friday! It was a long week - holiday weeks always feel long.  Today's freebie is one that you can stick away for next Valentine's Day.  This Valentine's Day Family Project is from Teacher's Breathing Space.  I love the concept - send home a heart that the entire family can work together to decorate, and then display everyone's project in the classroom.  What a wonderful family engagement activity! Go download yours and have an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I'm interrupting your Valentine's Day celebration to bring you some big news - Teachers Pay Teachers is having a SALE!

Whenever there is a sale a take some time to share what's on my wish list, because if I'm spending money you should too! In keeping with my theme of Family February I tried to pick out items that are geared toward family communication, and I found some amazing things!

Parent Handouts from Pocket of Preschool

Family Bingo Game from Probably in Preschool

How Do You Feel? Take Home Literacy and Activity Bag from Miss Vicki's Bookkits

And of course I always like to share some of my favorite items from my store - just in case you need a little more shopping inspiration.  This time around I thought I would do something a little different and share some of the resources that I've posted most recently. 

My brand new Joy in Everyday positive thinking set

Monster Math cards and the matching Monster Bingo set

Comparing Shapes geometry exploration set

It's not a sale post without featuring one of my all-time favorite products, this is especially helpful for those of you who are preparing for spring conferences or Kindergarten Readiness nights.

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine's day and make sure to take some time to do a little shopping!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Love Tree

There are a ton of ways that you could create a love tree.  The basic idea is to take some kind of tree branch - or you could even decorate a small Christmas tree - and hang paper hearts from the branches, similar to a thankful tree that you might do for Thanksgiving, but in this case ask parents, family members and your students to write down the things or people that they love.  It's an easy enough way to create a visual of all the things and people that are important to us.

I've got a little twist for you.  Instead of just writing down the names of things and people that your families love,  encourage them to write down all of the ways that they show love.  This is so helpful for the children because love is an abstract concept that can be very difficult to define.  When the children see all of the different ways that we show love, they have a better understanding of what love actually is. 

This is also a great conversation that you could have with the children - how do our families show us that they love us. Some of their answers might surprise you!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Family Valentine Station

Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday for celebrating families because it is all about love.  Focusing on the love between family members is also a great way to make Valentine's Day relevant for our youngest learners. 

I always spent a lot of time helping my students understand that Valentine's Day is a special day where we get to make sure the people that we love know how much we love them.  We would make valentine's for our family members, friends, and the special people in our lives. 

I recently thought of a way to extend this that I wish I would have done when I was in the classroom - Why not create a simple valentine-making station so that family members could also make valentines for the children quickly when they dropped off or picked up their child?

This would be fun for families - especially parents, who may not get as much time to do fun little projects as they would like. It would also be so fun for the children to get a special valentine from a parent.

They key to setting up something like this would be making sure that the items you have available allow family members to create quickly and without much mess.  I would include Pre-cut hearts in different sizes, tons of stickers, colored pens and markers, and glue sticks. 

I created a cute little sign that you can put at your station so that families know what to do (download it here!).  I can just picture a little table of valentine fun in the doorway of the classroom, as a parent I wouldn't be able to resist it.  You might also include a blurb in your February newsletter about the valentine state so that families know to look for it. 

There is definitely still time to set up something like this before Valentine's Day - I hope that your families love it!