Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Currently

I love linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently every month, and this month I am proud to say that I was on top of it, and remembered right away!

Listening: Laura Santos has created an amazing resource called Teacher Creator's Toolbox. Oh. My. Goodness.  This site is ah-mazing! She has tutorials for everything you could possibly need to know about designing and selling classroom resources (including all that legal stuff that you usually don't learn until it's too late...). I'm spending my first official week as a semi-self-employed person watching all of her tutorials so that I can implement everything that I learn right now, while I have the time.

Loving: I am in love with the warm weather. This winter sucked.  I have never been so happy to be hot and sweaty in my life.

Thinking: My to-do list is a bit overwhelming.  I am working my "real job" part time, but I still have just as much stuff to get done.  Add to this the fact that my TPT to-do list is now a priority, because it is also my job, and I'm slightly overwhelmed. No worries, I have a great planner and it never leaves my side. I will get it all done.

Wanting: What is it about summer that makes me long for vacation? I know that a huge vacation isn't going to happen this year, but that doesn't mean I can't long for a camping trip or a holiday weekend in Chicago (a mere 6 hour drive...).

Needing: Now, I know that I don't really NEED a manicure, but I think that my nails could use some help.  I have an awful habit of picking at my cuticles (I know, ew!) when I'm nervous, bored, anxious, ok basically all of the time, and the only time that I don't do it is when I have a really nice manicure. I'm thinking that I'll ask for a mani-pedi for my birthday, it's only a month away. Until then, I'll just keep touching them up with my handy dandy Sally Hanson Gel Manicure set (almost as good as a salon manicure... almost).

Summer Bucket List: There is a drive-in movie theater less than half an hour from our house, but I have never seen a movie there. It's been on my summer to-do list for years, maybe this year I can finally make it happen!

Whew, sorry I get a little wordy when I actually have time to write! A big thanks to Farley for letting me link up, I can't wait to read everyone else's!


  1. I am totally with you about this past winter. One of my students complained the other day that he was hot (having just come off recess) and I said, "sweetie, at least it isn't minus 25" and he said, "You are right. I will be quiet." haha

    Summer means vacation, right?? Sadly I usually don't really get to go anywhere but I am so dreaming of it. This year, I'm taking a vacation to Ohio (I live in Michigan)....lol It's really for a Thirty-One Conference (I'm a consultant) so it's not a "vacation" but it's away from home so I'm counting it :)

    1. Raye, I live in Ohio - right outside of Toledo, and my "big vacation" this year will be to Columbus for a wedding so I completely understand! I refuse to complain about the heat, I generally hate the humidity but right now I have the best tan because I've been worshiping the sun! Enjoy the 31 conference, I work with two consultants so I own way too many of those bags, but that doesn't stop me from buying more!

  2. I am also dreaming of a vacation this summer! I am 30 weeks preggo, so that won't be happening :) I am longing to go to the beach!

    Simply Second Grade

    1. My best friend is pregnant right now too, she's starting to get miserable in this heat! I hope you can enjoy some time in the AC!

  3. I can't wait for our little get aways. We have three small getaways planned for our family this summer which will be wonderful and relaxing....no big vacation for us for at least two years when I will be down with grad school. I take two classes in the summer and it's pretty intense!