Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to host a great slumber party

Maybe you have spring break coming up and you're looking for something to do with your kids at home, or maybe you just need a fun day at school to shake your class out of their winter blues. Either way, a daytime slumber party is a lot of fun and really easy to pull off without a ton of prep work.  Use these suggestions as a guide for your slumber party.

Stay in Your Pajamas all day! This is the best way to start the day, getting to keep your comfy pjs on really sets the mood for a fun, carefree day.

Why not?! Set a few ground rules (only hit below the neck) and remove all of the breakables, then let them go at it. It's a great gross motor and balance activity, and a fun way to relieve tension. As long as the fun is supervised you shouldn't have any major problems, they are pillows after all.

I'm not generally an advocate for screen time, but every so often a movie is a fun way to relax. Cuddle up with blankets and pillows and spend some quality time watching the movie together.

Breakfast for lunch... sign me up! You can do this in the classroom too, just borrow and electric skillet or a griddle and use a box mix. Clean up is easy and this is sure to be a favorite memory.

Build a blanket fort - or ten! This is one of those activities that you never get too old for, and it's a great problem solving exercise.  My students have been know to build and play in their forts for entire afternoons.  

Read, read, read! Pull out old favorites along with some new stories. Read in large groups, or read in your forts.  There's just something about reading books in your pajamas - it's just like reading a bedtime story, which means they'll always want just one more story, and I can't say no to children who beg me to read to them.  

This kind of party is actually really relaxing (as opposed to some of those other parties that kind of make us want to rip our hair out).  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  (Disclaimer, I actually do this with my class at least once a year, and I'm always amazed with how long these simple activities hold their attention.  This list is really more than enough to fill an entire day). Enjoy!

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