Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Camping Printables for Preschool

I've got a ton of camping themed activities to share with you today! These are perfect for summer and a great way to do some reviewing, without really feeling like work.  

I love putting together these alphabet books, it is a huge personal victory when I am able to come up with a word for every single letter of the alphabet, the camping alphabet book is one of my favorites.  It includes words like E is for Evergreen, I is for Insects, and M is for Marshmallow.  You can get your copy here.  

Letter matching is a great way to help children practice recognizing letters that are both capital and lower case, as well as letters in different fonts.  This s'more letters set is especially fun because the children need to match all of the letters in order to make a s'more.  One set of graham crackers has lower case letters in a a common font that contains unfamiliar letter shapes (especially a and g), while the other set of graham crackers has cursive lowercase letters.  Each marshmallow has lowercase letters in a font that makes them easier to recognize, and the chocolate bars have capital letters.  

These s'more patterning sets are great because they include a space for children to finish the pattern, as well as blank cards so children can create their own patterns.  They include pieces that you can cut out for patterning, but they would also be fun to do with real graham crackers, chocolate pieces, and marshmallows.  

My S'more math set includes three different activities that cover three very different math concepts.  In the first activity, children are asked to count the marshmallows using roasting skewers with numbers on the handles - children then count that many marshmallows onto the skewer.  The second activity is size sorting practice.  It includes three mats, with three different sized marshmallows, and introduces the words small, medium, and large.  It also includes marshmallow pieces that you can cut out for students to use - but this would be a great activity to do with real marshmallows, especially if you can find the jumbo marshmallows in the store.  The last activity is a relative position center.  It includes a mat that helps children build a marshmallow (either with the cut out paper pieces or with real s'more supplies), it also includes labels that children can practice position words with.  

I always include vocabulary cards and this theme gave me plenty of words to work with, obviously they include words like tent, s'more, and campfire, but I've also included words that children may not be familiar with, such as compass, and fishing pole. These cards are always wonderful additions to the writing center, and I love to see children's faces when they've completed their own set using the spelling practice cards.  

All of the activities that I've shared with you are available in my Camping Activity Bundle.  If you are looking for other camping ideas for your classroom please be sure to take a look at yesterday's post Camping fun in the dramatic play center.

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