Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Favorite Blogs for Teachers

I get to spend some time with some of my favorite bloggers this week, and as I was thinking about hanging out with all of them, I realized that I haven't shared a list of my favorite preschool and teaching blogs in a really long time.  I have a pretty wide range of teaching interests, so I've tried to organize my favorite blogs into categories that will help you find the blogs that cover topics you are most interested in;

Preschool Blogs
Elissa is a former elementary school teacher who is now a Mama, guiding her two little ones through preschool - Mrs. Jones' Creation Station

Jamie Runs an amazing preschool program from her home - Play to Learn Preschool

Deborah does amazing investigations with the children in her preschool program - Teach Preschool

Development and Special Needs Blogs

Chanda is a Mom and Physical Therapist, she shares amazing ideas for movement activities - Pink Oatmeal

Dayna is a homeschooling mom who shares her experiences and ideas for dealing with sensory processing issues - Lemon Lime Adventures

General Teaching Ideas

Alexis is a teacher and a graphic designer (she did my blog) with great ideas - Laugh Eat Learn

Jen is a former teacher who offers tons of tips and amazing printables to help keep teachers organized - Everything Just So

Add these to your reading list, and share your favorite teaching blogs in the comments!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in this list! I'm truly honored! I have to say you're quite a blogging inspiration to me - I have no idea how you're able to manage posting relevant, interesting posts every single day while juggling your other responsibilities. I'm always impressed when I see your posts pop up on my feed. It was so good to see you in Vegas although we didn't get to talk much. Hopefully we can meet again soon! :)

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  3. Thanks for this list of top bloggers, inspired to start my own blog. Will do.

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