Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Using a picture schedule

A picture schedule is a great way to help all of your students anticipate what is coming next, which makes transitions from activity to activity a lot easier.  I created a set of schedule cards that include pictures.  These cards are designed for the preschool classroom, but they also include common activities for elementary school classrooms, so they are great for inclusion classrooms and students who need a little extra support when it comes to the daily schedule.

My favorite thing about this set is that it also includes smaller schedule cards that you can put on a ring for students to carry with them.  They can match the pictures on their rings to the pictures on the schedule cards to prepare for transitions.  The schedule cards also have a lot of blank space on them.  This space is for you to write the time of each activity, and any instructions that the children need to be aware of.

Picture schedules allow children to be a little more independent throughout the day. Instead of asking you "what's next?" They can refer to the schedule and use the pictures as clues.  They also serve as supports for children who are highly schedule oriented, or who do not transition well.  You can give the children a five minute warning while pointing to the picture card, making the warning both auditory and visual.

You can get your copy of these Picture Schedule cards in my TPT Store, and please let me know if there are additional schedule events that you need. I try to be as comprehensive as possible and would love to add any additional events that may be missing from the set!

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  1. I love this! I have used this same idea to make books (that I also sell...) where you add pictures (photos) to help kids that are having a hard time separating from their parents for school to understand the routine of saying goodbye, doing different activities at school, then seeing their parents again.