Thursday, October 15, 2015

Preschool Halloween Party Activities

The most difficult piece of any holiday party is planning activities that will keep the kiddos busy, but still be easy enough that they can do them independently - because you barely have time to breathe during a party, let alone facilitate games and crafts.  I've put together a list of 10 activities that would be perfect for any preschool Halloween party.

  1. Mini pumpkin relays - challenge the children to place a mini pumpkin on their head and walk a short distance without it falling off.  If they're really good at it see if they can circle around a chair or plastic cone. 
  2. Sensory bins - There are a million different options for Halloween sensory bins, for party day I always suggest staying away from sand, water, rice, and anything that typically makes a mess.  Here is a picture of the bin I put together for last year's Halloween party:
  3. Lacing - this is a mess free activity that can be 100% prepped ahead of time and children can take their finished projects home with them after the party because there is no glue or paint involved, and therefore no drying time.  Check out this easy spiderweb one!
  4. Glow stick beaded necklace - I always try to include a glow stick craft so that children have something to wear to help keep them visible during trick or treat.  These glow sticks are made to hang on a string, so children can add beads or colored pasta to make their own Halloween themed necklaces.
  5. The Mummy Game - What preschooler wouldn't love wrapping their friends up in toilet paper?! Grab a roll and see who can make the best mummy. 
  6. Make a giant spider web - Use masking tape to make a spider web on the floor, the children can walk on the web, pretend they're spiders, or you can get the spiders out of your insect set and let the children play with the spiders on the web.  
  7. Bowling - Here are two cute Halloween-themed options; Pumpkin bowling, Mummy bowling
  8. Make Glue Ghosts - This is my all-time favorite Halloween activity.  It does require some drying time, so you can either do it at the party, or do it earlier in the week and then add your ghosts to the glow stick necklaces. 
  9. Make silly pumpkin faces - this printable set is a great way to practice visual discrimination, shape recognition, and matching.  
  10. Make a snack - I remember making these Popcorn Hands when I was little, it's a great way to make sure kids get a somewhat healthy snack while practicing fine motor skills.  
What are some of your favorite Halloween party activities?

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