Thursday, November 12, 2015

A cranberry recipe preschoolers will love

Cranberries may not be the first Thanksgiving food that your preschoolers want to try, but this easy recipe just might change their mind - and they can help make it!

These cranberry tarts are made with three simple ingredients;
1 package of sugar cookie dough
chocolate chips
whole cranberries

The only prep work that you will have to do is to cut your whole cranberries in half.  Then the children can help you press spoonfuls of cookie dough into each hole in your muffin tin (you will probably need a couple of muffin tins to use all of your cookie dough).  Mix the chocolate chips and cranberries together in a bowl and the children can sprinkle them over the top of the cookie dough.  Press the chocolate chips and cranberries into the cookie dough to keep them in place, and then bake according to the directions on the cookie dough package (watch the edges of the cookies so that they do not get too dark in the muffin tins).

Let the tarts cool and enjoy the tangy cranberries with the sweet chocolate and cookie!

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