Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Classroom Gratitude Journal

The easiest way to help children understand gratitude is to talk about it over and over again.  I've created a really cute freebie that will help your students put practice their thankfulness, while recording what happens each day.

These pages can be used to create a classroom gratitude journal.  Each day ask your students what they are thankful for, or grateful for.  In the beginning you'll likely get the same answers again and again - "I'm thankful that we got to play outside" and "I'm thankful for snack time." You may need to set an example by telling the class what you are thankful for each day, but with practice their answers will get more thoughtful, and even more heartwarming.

This is the perfect addition to your character education, a great way to meet social emotional standards, and the perfect way to capitalize on all of that Thanksgiving thankfulness! Download your copy here and try it out with your kiddos as you prepare for the holidays!

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