Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Freebie - Christmas Cookie Counting

Happy Friday! I must have Christmas cookies on the brain, last week I shared a freebie and activities from the holiday cookie party I threw for my kiddos last year.  This week I have a counting activity that you can add to your Christmas cookie theme.

With this Christmas Cookie Counting freebie children count the correct number of cookies onto the plate. There are two sets of plates, one with dots that correspond to the number to help children count correctly, and one set without the dots to challenge counters with higher level skills. The freebie includes numbers 1-5, if you want more practice, I've included the numbers 1-10 in the full Christmas Cookie Activity Set, which also has letter matching, writing, graphing, and a great classroom decoration activity! Have a wonderful December weekend and enjoy the freebie!

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