Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Teachers Pay Teachers SALE!

Yup, you read that right, TPT is having a sale! It's happening today and tomorrow and it's the perfect time to stock up on everything that you'll need for the rest of the school year, so start planning ahead and get your shopping done now!

It's a tradition here at Preschool Ponderings for me to share my own wish list when there's a sale, so take a few minutes to see what I've got my eye on, and then go pick out some fun stuff of your own.  Remember to use the code START16 for extra savings.  

Here's my wish list:

This adorable Sharing is Caring poster set from Susan Luengen is a great way to start social emotional conversations with young children.  You could place the posters around the classroom, or use them during circle time to encourage discussion.  

An entire year of sensory bin activities in one product? Yes please! This sensory bin scavenger hunt bundle looks ah-mazing (and since it's from KTeacher Tiff, I know that it is actually awesome).  I don't know about you, but the sensory bin is one of those activities that causes me the most stress, so the opportunity to have someone else tell me exactly what to put in there is a beautiful thing!

I just discovered The Kiboomers, and I wish it hadn't taken me so long! They're albums include all of the preschool songs that I used to search the internet for (you know, all of the silly number songs and finger plays that go with every single holiday).  Plus, I don't actually have to sing them, the children can learn them from the included audio files.  Hallelujah! This Valentine's Day album is perfect for the upcoming holiday, and is sure to be one that I'll use for years to come. 

Those are the major buys on my wish list, but there are also some things in my store that are sure to make your life easier, for example; 

My Valentine's Day activity bundle includes enough activities for all of your centers leading up to Valentine's day.  Let me do the planning so that you have time to figure out that party!

All kinds of graduation goodies.  If you start planning now, the actual event won't be nearly as stressful, and you'll be able to really celebrate your kiddos' accomplishments.

My St. Patrick's day bundle is the most popular of all of my holiday bundles.  Little ones love St. Patrick's day, it gives them the opportunity to believe in magic and mischief.  You can use that to your advantage, and have a little fun while you explore all kinds of math and literacy activities.

What's on your wishlist?

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