Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DIY Geoboards

Geoboards are one of those amazingly simple things that can keep children occupied for an extraordinary amount of time. They inspire exploration of geometric shapes, as well as persistence and fine motor practice.

Geoboards are also easy to make yourself, so with a few simple supplies you can add a couple of these to your classroom.  Here are a few DIY geoboards that I rounded up, choose whichever works best for your budget and your students!

A board and nails (and a tutorial) from Little Bins for Little Hands

Cork board and push pins - from An Every Day Story

A CD case and clear screw fasteners - from Left Brain Craft Brain

The Light Brite! From And next comes L

Pegboard and screws - from City Suburb Sanity

Geoboards are incredibly versatile.  You can use them for stretching rubberbands into shapes, but you can also use them for weaving yarn, twisting and shaping pipe cleaners, or making impressions in sand or play dough.  Do you use geoboards in your classroom? What do your students love to do with them?

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