Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Preschool movement videos

I've already shared how much I wish March meant that spring and warm weather were here - even though I know it doesn't.  This is exactly what makes this one of the most difficult months for preschool.  The children want to need to  get outside, but it's either too cold or too muddy, and you just can't.  It's the perfect time of year to pull out the secret weapon, movement videos!  Here are some of my favorites for those days when you just have to shake all those sillies out;

Whether you need some movement, or want to help them calm down, Go Noodle has an quick activity that is perfect.  Children love the different characters and will beg for Go Noodle!

Cosmic Kids makes yoga fun for little ones.  Each video tells an adventure story that has kids moving through yoga poses as they travel through the story.  Most of the videos are 15-20 minutes long. 

Your favorite Learning Station songs are on Youtube. Animated and live action videos for songs in every possible category and theme mean that there is a movement video to go with whatever you're currently learning about. 

You can't go wrong with Sesame Street, and the Elmo slide is sure to be a hit! It's Elmo's version of the cha cha slide and the children can follow Elmo's lead as they dance along. 

If you can't go to the dance studio, Dance N Beats is the next best thing.  The movements are slow and simple and all of the songs and subjects are kid friendly. It really is like having your own personal preschool dance teacher. 

I hope that these videos are great outlets for your little ones' extra energy!

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