Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Easy personalized waterbottles

The one major issue that has always made playground time difficult is the lack of a water supply. I can get creative when it comes to water play, but daily drink breaks are another thing.  This easy activity is the perfect solution. 

You will need 1 disposable water bottle for each child - if you collect them from staff or families clean them out with soap and water.  The children can help you take the labels off all of the bottles.  Use one of the labels to measure new labels, and cut these from white printer paper.  

Each student can decorate their own new label, which will help them find their own water bottles easier. Add their names and cover the entire label with clear packing tape.  You can also use the packing tape to adhere the new labels to the bottle.  

Find a tray or basket that you can use to carry all of the filled water bottles out to the playground, and the children can get their water bottles whenever they need them.  Once the water bottles start to get gross you can recycle them and make new ones!

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