Monday, July 11, 2016

Sewing for the classroom

This beautiful piece of equipment just arrived at my house and I cannot wait to get it out of the box, but I promised myself that I would post something before I get sucked in by the sewing machine and no one can find me for the rest of the week!

Since sewing is just about the only thing on my mind right now, I figured I'd share a list of all the wonderful things that I've sewn for my classroom.  The photos below aren't mine, because I'm notoriously bad about remembering to take classroom photos, so if you want more info make sure to click on the links!

I may not be the most talented seamstress, but I certainly enjoy it, and it's a skill that has come in handy many many times. Over the years I've made some version of all of the following for my classroom;

Pillows - I've probably made hundreds of different types of pillows, but this is the easiest, perfect for a beginner, or for someone who just wants the project done quickly!

From DIY Ready

Curtains are so easy, and I've made curtains for windows, to use as room dividers, to cover cluttered shelves, and for dramatic play center accessories.  You only need to be able to sew a straight line, anyone can do this and it is so worth your time for the money that you will save!

Decor - This sewn circle garland has become my decoration of choice because it is so cheap and easy. It takes less than an hour and you can use any colors that you want.  I have these everywhere and they make any space fun and a little whimsical. 

I used this tutorial to make aprons out of Christmas dishtowels for a holiday cookie party and they were a hit. Every play kitchen needs a couple of aprons, mine have been well loved. 

One year I brought my sewing machine to school and the children got to help make their own scarf like this one.  The scarves were their holiday gifts that year and they loved that they got to use the sewing machine!

I'm sure I've made more great stuff, but these have definitely been the most memorable sewing projects that I've created for the classroom!

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