Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sourcing Recycled Scraps for the Classroom

Some of my favorite materials to use in the classroom are recyclable materials.  They are easy to get and they fit right into my budget - free! The problem is that I usually have to know what I want in advance and spend a good deal of time tracking down enough materials for the entire class to use. I always ask parents, coworkers, and my own family members to help me collect materials, but they aren't always as invested in the collecting process as I am.

All of my collection also tend to take up a lot of storage space, storage space that is already at a premium in the classroom.  So while I've built a habit of holding onto materials that could eventually be used for a project or activity, I've also found a couple of other ways to source recyclable materials.
There are two non-profit retail stores in my area that source and collect materials - these can be materials that corporations can't use, such as surplus food containers, excess label paper, or shipping materials.  But they could also be materials from private donors, people who are cleaning out closets, basements, and garages and just want to get rid of old film cannisters, button collections, wrapping paper tubes, and ceramic tiles.  These are fun places to poke around and discover new trasures, but they are also incredibly valuable for inspiration and project materials.  Both of the stores near me offer special discounts to teachers too!

You can check them out using these links, and then do some research to see if anything similar exists in your area!

The Scrap Box
Scrap 4 Art

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  1. Cool! So glad places like this exist. I'll have to see if my area has one.