Monday, April 3, 2017

Easter Fine Motor Activities

There are so many Easter-themed activities out there, I'm sure that just a quick Pinterest search would fill your lesson plan for the next two weeks.  Unfortunately, to find the great ideas you generally have to sift through all of the duds, and the ads.  So this week I'm going to do the work for you, I'll be rounding up all of the best Easter activities so that you've got them all in one place!

Today is all about fine motor activities, and Easter lends itself perfectly to fine motor practice, especially when you think about working with tiny little jelly beans and manipulating those wire egg-dippers! Here are some other fun fine motor ideas:

  • Taking apart plastic Easter eggs and putting them back together
  • Sorting jellybeans by color
  • Peeling hard boiled eggs
  • Making mosaics with egg shells
  • Balancing a plastic egg on a spoon
  • Decorating eggs with collage materials and glue
  • Frosting Easter cookies
  • Making patterns with Easter candies
  • Tracing Easter shapes
  • Making bunny ears and whiskers out of pipe cleaners
  • Filling plastic eggs with Easter grass
I have to confess that my favorite activities are usually the ones that give me an excuse to buy candy! What are some of your favorite fine motor activities that can be done during your Easter celebrations?

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