Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I know that I usually write about preschool - some kind of activity, or assessment, or curriculum, or something at least slightly related to teaching so this one is a little bit of a stretch, but let's get real for a minute.  It's usually pretty easy for me to sit down and write a blog post. I enjoy it, and I love the topics that I write about - but this week I can't seem to get out anything that I want to share.  I had a bunch of posts about seeds planned, but I must not be very excited about them.  This is probably because I'm a terrible gardener, so I usually dread spring in preschool because instead of exploring plants, I spend most of my time desperately hoping that something my students have planted will actually grow - if only so they aren't disappointed in their efforts.  

That said, I have been avoiding these posts, so you may get to see them one day, but for now I thought I'd share something a little more personal, what I've been doing instead of writing blog posts.  So here are some links to my favorite things to check out instead of doing what I know I really should be doing:

  • Pinterest - for inspiration of course! Today I pinned this adorable Vegetable Garden Discovery bottle from Sunny Day Family - what a cute idea that requires no actual gardening on my part!
  • Amazon - I never need an excuse to do a little online shopping.  I stumbled across these adorable stuffed bunnies around Easter and I can't resist them! (affiliate link)
  • Instagram - I check it, and then I refresh my feed, then I hit the search icon and look at a bunch of random photos from people I don't know and will never meet. It's a fascinating black hole. 
  • My favorite blogs - There are a few that I've been reading for years, and I still love to check in and see what the authors are up to.  Links to all of my favorites are HERE!
  • More online shopping - I just ordered this dress from Old Navy and I can't wait to wear it all summer. 
  • Getting a snack - These Sour Patch Jellybeans were my favorite Easter candy this year, I'm a little sad that they're gone. (affiliate link)
  • Looking for new recipes - These cookies have been my favorite find lately. I've made the recipe multiple times because I can justify eating them for breakfast!
  • Finding new shows on Netflix - Because I need something to watch while I work of course! I'm in the middle of Hart of Dixie right now and I can't get enough. I will definitely miss these characters when I run out of episodes. 
Unfortunately I haven't been desperate enough to unload the dishwasher or start cleaning anything yet, but I usually get there eventually! What are your favorite things to do when procrastinating?!

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