Tuesday, January 2, 2018

All of My Calendars

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'm a planner - this might be a bit of an understatement.  I'm very type A - I enjoy planning and I am meticulous about recording my plans.  This means that I spend a lot of time on my calendars, yes calendars plural. 

I thought I would share my systems with you just in case any of you were striving to be more organized in the new year.  I completely understand that my way is not going to work for everyone, but if something sounds helpful feel free to use it as inspiration! Unfortunately I can't give close up photos of my calendars because of the personal information their, but I'm including pictures whenever possible and links too!

The planner: My planner is the master calendar. I have a Plum Paper Planner and I absolutely love it.  The monthly layout works best for me and the lined pages included for each month are a great place for all of my lists.  My planner is where I record all of my work appointments and trainings, as well as any personal appointments and special events for the entire family.  I order these white labels and color the sheets with Crayola markers then I can color code all of the items on my calendar (personal, appointments, meetings, etc.).  I spend so much time looking at the monthly spreads that I like to make them a little fun too so I jazz things up with Happy Planner Stickers for special events and days off. 

The refrigerator calendar: I like to have a big calendar on our refrigerator at home so that it catches our eye and we constantly have to look at what everyone has going on.  I just find a cute printable calendar (This year we're using this one) and print each month poster sized.  You could have it printed on large paper but I just print it at home and tape the sheets together.  I use this calendar to record any doctor's appointments, personal events and meetings, birthdays and special events, and any nights or weekends that I have to work.

The work calendars: In addition to my planner I have two work calendars.  One is a google calendar that we all update regularly so everyone knows who is where.  The other is a monthly calendar that I keep posted by my desk so others can check my schedule if I'm not in the office and I've forgotten to add something to the google calendar.

I know it seems like a lot - I get that, but my schedule is different every single day and I need to be able to function no matter where I'm at which means that I need to have everything written down in multiple places. 

What works for you?! I'd love to hear how you keep everything organized because I'm always looking for new ideas!

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