Thanks for stopping at Preschool Ponderings! I’m Erin Holleran. I’ve taught toddlers and preschoolers for six years but my real passions are creating materials for the classroom and working with other teachers. I love professional development (really!) and public speaking.  I love to share my materials and ideas with all of you, and that’s exactly what my blog is for.  This is my space to discuss standards, share activity ideas, try out recipes for the classroom, and inspire you with new art projects!

My professional philosophies are inspired by the work done in Reggio Emilia, as well as the Project Approach.  I believe that children learn best when they are active participants in the educational process.  I strive to create materials that help teachers implement high quality lessons which engage students and inspire further investigation.  My materials are based on Early Learning Standards, and designed to be aligned to these standards.  I am a member of NAEYC and love to collaborate with other teachers at seminars as well as state and national conferences.

During my free time I love to work on creative projects. I enjoy sewing, especially quilting, and I love to bake.  I think that decorating sugar cookies is relaxing, and I enjoy camping with my husband and friends. 

I design products specifically for preschoolers and their teachers.  My classroom activities are printable, developmentally appropriates, and easy to use with children of many different ability levels. The assessments that I’ve developed are based on Early Learning Standards, and designed to make teachers’ lives easier.

I’ve taught preschool and mentored preschool teachers. I understand that classroom materials need to be engaging and attractive. I also understand that preschool teachers have a lot of responsibilities.  My goal is to make teaching preschool just a little easier by offering tried and true resources, activities, assessments, and ideas that will give teachers a little more time to spend with their students.

If you are looking for an engaging topic for your next professional development or staff meeting, I’d love to help! Here are some of the topics that I routinely cover;
  • Implementing Project Work
  • Aligning Project Work to Early Learning Standards
  • Creating and Displaying Documentation
  • Standards-based Assessments
  • Classroom Portfolio Keeping
  • Observation and Documentation
  • Tech Resources for Early Childhood Teachers
  • Communicating with Parents and Families
I love to work with teachers, and I’d love to hear from you.  Use the social media buttons on my sidebar to connect with me!

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